Rancho Coastal Humane Society Encinitas

Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Encinitas,  CA

“Rancho Coastal Humane Society supports this community in so many ways. Backed by people who are passionate about what they do.”

-Luxury agent Ryan Stafford


The Rancho Coastal Humane Society mission is simple: care for the pet population of San Diego. Since 1960, the team at RCHS has cared for homeless animals while educating San Diegans about pet overpopulation and responsible companion animal care. The non-profit provides quality animal shelter care, pet adoption services, animal education programs for kids and adults, and an animal safehouse program for survivors of domestic violence.


What’s more: 96% of every dollar donated goes directly to making the lives of these animals better.


Luxury real estate agent Ryan Stafford recently visited RCHS where he hung out with John Van Zant, a committed RCHS team member and unwavering supporter of our SD animal population. From pet adoption to car donations, the RCHS thrift store to the Military Working Dog Memorial, this video shows Van Zant and the RCHS team are committed to improving the lives of SD animals, in turn, enriching the lives of families throughout San Diego.

“We are entrusted to match the needs of the pet with the desires of the family.”

-John Van Zant


Watch the video to learn more about RCHS and the programs available to you and your family.

Interested In More Information About RCHS?

If you’d like more information about the RCHS process or programs, or how to donate, head over to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society website.

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